I simply cannot give a more enthusiastic and heartfelt recommendation than the one I give for Cliff Lynch and the clinics and camps that he runs.  I fully endorse – and am so grateful for – all of his athletic programs we have been so blessed to be a part of as a family through the years.  

I first got to know Cliff through an after school basketball clinic my oldest son participated in when he was in elementary school.  That was over seven years ago … and what a tremendous impact he has had on our entire family since that time!  His personable, welcoming, and optimistic demeanor immediately draws you in, and is contagious to everyone he engages with.  However, you soon discover the substance and depth of Cliff’s character that go way beyond his ever-positive outlook.  He has a particular gift for connecting with young men who love the game of basketball — especially those who need a guiding hand in addition to athletic strategy and conditioning.  His keen ability to relate to many different types personalities – even challenging ones – and cultivate the hidden strengths in his protégés is truly remarkable.  He challenges those whom he coaches to go beyond their self-imposed limits, not lavishing them with empty praise, but rather, giving them genuine reasons to feel confidence and a wholesome sense of pride.  

I am very gratified as I observe the young men my sons are quickly becoming. I am thankful to Coach Cliff for being such a strong role model for them, and for the important part he has played in helping to shape their future success.

A. Thrush


Coach, you are an extremely good influence in my life. I don’t know another man who can constantly teach me basketball lessons and life lessons at the same time. Being able to work with you over the years has been a privilege. The first time you coached me at MSA, you made me realize what my dream really was. The stories and memories of you playing basketball that you shared with everyone at the camp, made me develop a similar passion for the game that you have. I will be able to pass the lessons and teachings you taught me to someone who I believe wants to listen and learn just as I did. Without your help and guidance, I would not have been able to develop into the player and person that I am today.  Thanks a lot!

D. Kravitz

High School Student, Potomac MD

I’ve had the great privilege of being trained and mentored by Coach Cliff throughout my life in basketball. He is an amazing trainer and athlete, who knows so much about the game, and has such great insight in every aspect of it. He is an amazing trainer/coach at every level of the game. He has the knowledge and ability to make a kid as good as they wish to be. I’ve had the great privilege to be trained by him personally, and it pays off. My skills and knowledge of the game skyrockets with the training he gives me. He can take a kid at any level of the game low or high and turn them into a player they would’ve never thought they could become. He is serious about the game, and treats it seriously, while still making it all fun. Whenever I need help with my game he knows exactly what needs to be fixed or added etc. to make it better. He is truly the best trainer that I have ever had in my basketball career, and I have had many trainers and instructors, but he surpasses them all. When it comes to wanting to be a better player he is the way to go, and with his knowledge and skills he can make the unbelievable happen.

A. Ingber

High School Student, Potomac MD

Coach Cliff is an excellent role model for kids.  His drive to teach good ethics and techniques are matched by his genuine concern for “his kids” as he coaches both on and off the court.  He is the ultimate professional in instruction and works with kids, playing side by side, challenging kids to do the best they can in a positive and supportive manner.

S. Kravitz

Parent, Potomac MD

Personal trainers are probably the most effective way for a youth to improve their basketball playing ability.  My son is a high school and aau player and has used Cliff for many years with great success. The improvement in playing ability has been dramatic.  Cliff covers all of the fundamentals even extending to diet and conditioning.

L. Mindheim

Parent, Potomac MD

After I didn’t make the middle school team in 7th grade, I worked with Coach Cliff on every aspect of my game. Offense, defense, shooting mechanics, reading the defense, we worked on everything. Since then, I’ve made every team I’ve tried out for, I’ve started for every team and I’ve become one of the better players in the county. I owe it all to the hard work and dedication that Cliff gives every time we work. It’s not just about basketball to him, but it’s also helping us overcome adversity on the court that can be translated in real life. He’s helped me develop not only into a great player but a great person as well. Thanks Coach!

E. Tsao

College Student, Potomac MD

One of the best people I know, Cliff has a vast wealth of knowledge, both on and off the court, that anyone would be fortunate to learn from.  He always enjoys working with everyone that has the fortune to cross his path. I would not be anywhere near as successful as I am without his help.  I am honored to call Cliff both a mentor and friend.
K. Chu

College Student Athlete, Potomac MD