Term of Use

Event Cancellations
Nexx Level Plus (NLP) may cancel clinics in the event of inclement weather. NLP will notify parents of
clinic cancellations by 1:15pm of the scheduled session date via email. NLP will also alert the school of clinic
cancellations so the school can inform children where to go after school. There will be no clinics when schools are
closed early or all day for reasons other than inclement weather. NLP clinics, camps, and trainings are subject to
cancellation due to circumstances beyond the control of NLP.
Make Up Sessions
Make up sessions will be scheduled for cancellations. Participants may attend make up sessions at other NLP

Refund Policy
NLP has a no refund policy. A credit will be awarded for a future session or event.

Return check fee – There will be a $35 fee for each returned check due to insufficient funds.
Late pick up fee – Parents/guardians must pick up participants promptly at the end of the session. If not, there
will be a $20 fee every 15 minutes payable at the time of pick up.

Dismissal Policy
NLP has the authority to dismiss any participants from a clinic, camp, or training for misconduct towards others,
property damage, or risk or harm to others. If the problem cannot be resolved after advising the parent/guardian
of the situation, NLP will exercise the right to temporarily or permanently discharge the participant from
attending NLP events. In this situation, NLP will not grant a credit or refund for remaining sessions.

Parents are encouraged to register and pay online for services. In the event this is not permissible, cash and
checks are acceptable. Make checks payable to Nexx Level Plus. Mail Registration form, Terms of Use form,
and payment to: Nexx Level Plus, PO Box 432, Cheltenham, MD 20623, or submit them to coach Cliff on the
first day of the event.

I hereby grant Nexx Level Plus/Coach Cliff permission to use campers and students in any likeness in photographs
and videos in any of its publications. I will make no monetary claim against Nexx Level Plus/Coach Cliff for the use
of these photographs and videos.

Parent/Guardian Consent
I understand our family assumes all risks associated with any physical risks from any injuries that may occur during
any sports related activities. My child is covered by medical insurance and any special medical condition will be
disclosed. I authorize Nexx Level Plus to act on my behalf in an emergency.
I read and agree to Nexx Level Plus’ Terms of Use.